So, What is it?

Ecstasy is our birthright.

A new book with an eternal perspective, The Tao of Prayer invites the reader to join into the deifying boogie that makes this life worthwhile. This timeless three-step, this dance of the Tao, is the ultimate ecstasy. Is this not the birthright of every human being? Yes. This ecstasy is our birthright. How do we find peace of mind? Can we live more effectively? What are we in this world for anyway? All these are important issues; they are only questions if we are standing back by the refreshment table. The dancers know these answers without asking.

What are these steps? They are two steps back, and one step forward. One away from our attachment to momentary distraction. One away from the demands of our passions. One step into mindfulness, as we let the Tao lead the way. As we master this dance we master life itself. Such questions as those above are no longer even issues. Peace of mind is the dancers’ way of being; their lives are effective; they are in the dance, and the Tao is the reason.

Those still at the refreshment table simply watch. They fill up on sherbet punch and pastries. They think we are just walking. That’s what they see. One foot in front of the other. No outward pizzazz, no skill required. That’s OK. Just keep dancing. The dance is within. That’s where things happen. That’s where the ecstasy lives. On the outside, we just keep walking.

Each of us is on the same Path, wherever we are. We may call ourselves Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian. We may pray to Tian, Vishnu, or Jehovah, or we may follow Navajo spirituality, or Sikh. We may just be working it all out as we go. The Path reaches all. I call that Path, “Tao,” and we all have our place on it. Yes, a Taoist will identify with much of what The Tao of Prayer says. So will a Hindu, a Methodist, or even an atheist. There is one Path, and we’re all on it, some place or another. This book offers a practical map for following it through. Un-attachment, dispassion, and mindfulness need not be abstract notions but everyday experience. Ecstasy is our birthright.

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