So, What is it?

The Tao of Prayer, Looking East to See the Rest is a book. A rather unique book. It looks at how “Bliss” – or Enlightenment, Nirvana, or any of a handful of such words –  the thing we all seek in our own way – shows up all through history, with a lot of the same lessons on how to get there. It also shows how they all run together, where they run, and how to run with them. Some will find it comforting, some encouraging, and some downright threatening. This is how it will always be. Some are learning, some want to learn, and some just don’t. This is not a book of, “Look how smart I am.” I’m really not that smart, but I’ve found some pretty good maps. The Tao of Prayer is a book about “Let’s travel and learn together.” Enlightenment is not our goal. It is our state when we reach it.

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