The Unbroken Thread





It’s all an unbroken thread. What do we want? A better question, what do we need? We can say we want a better job, a bigger house, respect, love, or security. Are these enough? Unless we’re really different, we get these things and there’s still the same want. It’s just for more of it, or something else. We just can’t say what it is, can we? The better job might mean more frustration. The bigger house is a pain to keep up. Respect is hard to measure, love is elusive, and security, well, what is that, really? How do we untangle that thread? Where does it end?

What we look for is beyond form; what we listen for is beyond sound; what we would grasp cannot be held. So says Lao Tse. Like following an unbroken thread it has no beginning, and no end. How do we grasp it? How do we use it? This, he says, is the essence of the Tao. We can’t see its beginning. It has no end. Socrates said that the wisest words we can say are, “I do not know.” This is the beginning, and this is the goal, of all true wisdom. Continue reading “The Unbroken Thread”

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