Storms, and Stillness

storms, and stillness. find the path to inner peace
Storms, and more storms!

We’re cleaning up now from what happens when a “tropical storm” shows up a few hundred miles inland. Even hundreds more from anything called “Tropics.” The idea of storms fills our minds with frantic struggles against frenzied winds. The real struggle is simply in sitting still. The winds rage, the rains lash down with unimagined violence. Holding to where we are is, ultimately, is the one way we can answer it. In our case, here in Georgia, that also wound up sitting still in a house surrounded by fallen trees and limb debris. We simply waited for the utility crews to put us back on the grid. Storms, and stillness!

Outer Storms, and Inner Peace

There is plenty of room here to draw parallels. What is “the storm?” What is the “grid?” What about fallen trees, or storm debris? Plenty of analogies, and plenty of ways to get really boring with this post. I could even talk about the snakes that hitchhiked into the house on some firewood. The main thing in all this is the stillness. With fewer distractions there is a lot more time to sit, to reflect, and just to be. Yep. Storms, and stillness!

Finding Peace, Creating Peace

“I can’t do this or that because…” Is that “because” story really true, or is it just something I assumed once upon a time and never really questioned?

“I need to do this thing because…”  Do I, really?”

“When that person said that, they meant…” Did they, or was that my own impression from my attitude?

And how much time, really, have I spent just being still? The storms blow on by, and the debris just falls where it’s going to fall, with or without my help.

A wise man wrote, from his own contemplation, “Be still and know that I am God.” A smart man said, “be still and know who you really are.” Can we have the one without the other?

Making Contact

The, “grid,” is, ultimately, the Tao. The Tao is our connection to God. Connecting to this, “grid,” means connecting with our own, inner, self in the process. The Tao of Prayer gives us practical steps to take for being plugged in as we are meant to be. It calls on the wisdom, and practices, of sages throughout known time.

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