Inner Space: The Final Frontier

inner space final frontier | the man behind the curtain is you

We live in a frenzied age. One of its marks is the clamor to define and control the environment around us. We seek to “change the world,” to control even the weather. Scientists ever outward to find out what exists on other planets. They even study the chemical make-up of the stars in distant galaxies. “We” focus our attention on all these things beyond our own selves, but what do we know of our selves?  Let’s explore inner space, the final frontier!

The Ego Trip: Mileage May Vary!

We try to look strong, wise, and independent, but in whose eyes? What is strength, when we can’t control our own passions? Our bellies, or, our eyes, command us to take the shortest route to the refrigerator, the nearest burger joint, or the most enticing sexual interest. Are we so enslaved to our physical appetites? We grasp for the easiest conquest over others.  Does our pride have that much power over us? We delve out the smallest sub-particle in an atom, or the latest gossip in the entertainment world. Are we more than data storage units? We say we want independence, but from what, really? Are we more than our outward pride? Do we exist only to enhance our profiles?

Who is the “Man Behind the Curtain?”

The most ancient sages of every culture understood that the human heart, the core of our being, more expansive than the universe itself. It is deeper than any ocean trench, more complex than the finest study of physics. It is broader than the very reaches of space-time, yet we have been taught to, “pay no attention to the Man behind the curtain.” The Tao of Prayer invites us to explore and discover this frontier, and what it really means, what it costs, and what i really means to become truly,  fully Human, and Divine.

Can We Learn More?

The Tao of Prayer, which I hope soon to see published, offers a traveler’s guide to the ancient ways, and how to use them in our own lives. Stay tuned!

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