Advance Readers Report. . .

new book, enduring message

Your words were like a family quilt – comforting – and really drew me in and made me look forward to reading further.


ancient wisdom modern life

I found it easy to read, and not too deep a read either. Having said that it is like an onion with so many different layers to the contents . It would take several readings and each time something different could be gained from it

living words, enduring truths

I really like it as it is much like my own journey. You have a way of expressing yourself that reminds me a little of Jack Kerouac (on the road). . . I haven’t finished reading it , but I honestly find it to be very readable and intriguing. I can relate to your journey and I think others will too

self esteem tao life

I enjoy reading your posts and your thought process, I find it quite intriguing.
Good clear writing. I think you have done a great job.

tao te ching yin yang peace

Your writing is splendid! There isn’t any thing I would change. Your form of prose is very clear, very straightforward, beautifully conveyed.

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