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the tao of heaven

What is the Tao of Heaven? The ancient Greeks wrote of “the Logos” as the guiding principle behind all of reality. Was this their idea?  The Egyptians spoke of Toth as the guiding word, and son, of the supreme god, Osiris. Where did they get this idea? When Lao Tse, in east-central China, wrote his Tao Te Ching he gave us great detail of the Tao of Heaven. This the nameless Path, or Principle, guides all the Universe from within. How did all these people, in all these places, get the same idea all these thousands of years ago? John’s Gospel begins, “In the beginning was the Word.” Did he think this up?

In this day it’s common to think that spiritual awareness is a made-up idea. The truth is that that idea, itself, is a pretty recent notion. Early people, we’re told, worshiped the sun, the stars, or some other aspect of Nature. While we’re sure many did, isn’t it wiser to say that these things serve to remind us that we aren’t as big, or alone, after all? Or, do they help us see how big we really are, encompassing it all?

To put it another way, considering the immensity of the heavens puts us in touch with the Tao of Heaven, and our own tao. In fact, it’s fair to say that the folks who are the loudest with these anti-spiritual ideas haven’t seen these things. They have never been far enough out in the open to have a good look at the sun. Not many have been far enough to see the stars away from the cities’ light clutter.

Spiritual awareness is not something we can find just in books. One very wise writer, Zhuang Tse, wrote that a truly aware person – a sage – can’t impart this experience, but only offer evidence of it in the dry bones of writings left behind.

The Tao of Prayer tells about living into this Word, Logos, and Tao. The blog considers a little of what it means, day by day. Welcome!

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  1. I’m a Seventh Day Adventist, with family that were one of the founding families in Oceanside, California.

    My Dad Arthur Haas was a Colporteur, a Deacon in a few of our Churches, & eventually was trained to be an Exorcist, to do Missionary work in Mexico, with Brother Juan Duran.

    We were never taught the Eastern Tao religious history, only the 1600’s King James version of the Holy Bible, which is the other most accurate Bible besides the English/Greek side by side translation.

    So I belie

    1. Yes, I understand this. I also know the history of the SDA, though possibly more objectively/critically than you. The purpose of this site, and the book it represents, is that there is one Source for all spiritual truth, and one Goal to which it leads. Some travel this Path, some camp beside it, and some follow rabbit trails off into the brush.

    2. Yes, most of what you relate here comes more from Mrs. White than any, more ancient source. She seems, though, to lean heavily on the 4th. century, AD/CE Arius for her created Christ, and the Greek, or Indian, pantheon for the “holy separate gods,” though with different aspects assigned. The focus of The Tao of Prayer is the discovery of the more ancient Path, prior to the later divergences, and where it leads.

  2. Continued from above…. Lol

    So I believe in Creation, a living GOD, a living Jesus, formerly called Michael in heaven, His Son, who walked the Earth, born on Earth immaculately to Joseph & seperate Nazareth, & a living Holy Spirit, all holy separate Gods to us on Earth & to all of the other non-sinning planets in all of the other universes, discussed in Job, when they all met in Heaven with GOD, the Father of us all.

    I need to look up Tao, as

  3. As a young child–walking in forests or seeing the clear then not light-polluted night sky in Wheaton, MD–the spiritual connection and oneness I felt seemed too sacred to accept the Patriarchal God of Catholicism. I was obviously a product and part of this natural Creation, not it’s master. I “retired” shortly after my Confirmation, and was a dedicated agnostic until I discovered Taoism and Buddhism at age 20 in a Philosophies of Eastern Religion class in College. It was delightful to discover that for most people, and most of recorded History, my intuition was shared.

    1. I’m Andrew Paul Schettino, the site posted my “As a young child…” Reply as Anonymous! I’m many things, but hardly anonymous; just google my name…

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