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Your words were like a family quilt – comforting – and really drew me in and made me look forward to reading further.


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I found it easy to read, and not too deep a read either. Having said that it is like an onion with so many different layers to the contents . It would take several readings and each time something different could be gained from it

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I really like it as it is much like my own journey. You have a way of expressing yourself that reminds me a little of Jack Kerouac (on the road). . . I haven’t finished reading it , but I honestly find it to be very readable and intriguing. I can relate to your journey and I think others will too

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I enjoy reading your posts and your thought process, I find it quite intriguing.
Good clear writing. I think you have done a great job.

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Your writing is splendid! There isn’t any thing I would change. Your form of prose is very clear, very straightforward, beautifully conveyed.

Is Spirituality Esoteric?

Esoteric Spirituality. What is this?
Is it Esoteric to be Spiritual?

Esoteric Spirituality. What is this? “Esoteric” means for us something hidden or occult. Something that happens far away, in some deep, dark recess, hidden from all but a few. Is this really the case? Much of what falls under that category isn’t really spiritual at all. It’s the work of some writer or self-proclaimed adept who wants to dream up some new angle for selling books or making a name for him or herself.

One claims that Jesus was the “evil priest” mentioned in the Qumrun writings,¬† hundreds of years before Christ was born. Another might claim to be channeling a spirit with the “real story” of the Buddha’s experience under the Bodhi Tree. One more might claim to be a reincarnated Pharaoh or seventh avatar of Vishnu. He might claim to be prophet of Maitreya, Such claims are “esoteric,” of course, hatched in the dark recesses of one’s own imagination. ¬†Esoteric Spirituality. What is this?

Real Spirituality is Our Birthright.

Real spirituality is not esoteric. Each person born into this world is spiritual, by very nature. The Tao is present to each of us. If somebody claims some, “new revelation,” we must ask why this “new truth” wasn’t always known. The Tao has always been present. A recent poll even showed that over 40% of professed atheists have experienced a sense of awe and wonder at some aspect of the Natural World. They were aware, as I would put it, of their own taos resonating with the Tao of the Heavens.

The History of Religion

Another popular myth is that mankind first feared and worshiped gods of storms and floods, or gods of harvest and fertility. They later, “evolved,” in their thinking to imagine some meta-deity over them all. This is a nice story for those, locked away in their studies and classrooms, to support their own Materialism.

Actual work among far-off peoples, untouched by such influence, shows the opposite. One tribe in the Burmese mountains, for instance, had held onto their own account through their generations. The, “One God,” had taught their ancestors, but the people later turned to these lesser gods out of shame for forgetting the old teachings. There are names for this, “One God,” from many different cultures, recorded in our books today. We read of Shang-Ti, of Brahma, the “Great Spirit,” of the American plains, and, “Elohim” of the early Hebrews. The ancient Greeks wrote of, “the One,” above and beyond Zeus and his clan.

You are Spiritual

As we read from the ancient sages we find that Tao-Tian, the Tao of the Heavens, is also the Tao found in Nature. The Tao of the Universe. Lao Tse wrote that, “The Tao that can be known is not the enduring Tao.” He then went on through the Tao Te Ching to tell of knowing the Tao. Not as we can comprehend with our (esoteric) thoughts, but as the Tao reveals. When our inner self – our tao, resonates with the Tao we have begun the journey. More is found in The Tao of Prayer, which I hope you will soon see.

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