Halfway There

An old Greek philosopher named Zeno proved that  we can never get where we want to go. He claimed that we first have to get halfway, then go halfway from there. There’s always another half to cross, so the whole distance is never covered.

Did he really believe this? If so, he could never have made it to the dinner table, could he? I think was saying that Continue reading “Halfway There”

Breaking Free

Franz Kafka wrote a story which you may have “had to” read at some time in school. A man had committed himself to a demeaning job to support his poor parents and sister. He awakes one morning to find himself changed into an insect so immense he can barely get out of his bedroom door. No longer able to provide any money, his very existence becomes a terror, a burden, and a source of real embarrassment for them. Ironically (and what is life if not ironic?), Continue reading “Breaking Free”

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